Abrasive Wear Monitoring
Asset Wear Monitor (AWM) is an innovative asset abrasive wear monitoring system, which intelligently predicts and reports failure in pipework, [...]
How works Wear Monitoring System
The whole Wear Monitoring System can be divided into the following components: Sensor – Comprised of sacrificial probe and transmitter. [...]
Smart Roller technology for monitoring and analyzing data of belt conveyor rollers
"Smart roller" with Smart-Idler® imbedded is an innovative industrial IoT based condition monitoring system developed by Vayeron, which intelligently predicts [...]
Bulk material handling conveyor automation technology
Conveyor roller automation monitoring could not be easier with wireless 24/7 conveyor roller reporting and an easy-to-use system. When a [...]
FAQ about conveyor Smart roller monitoring system
Read FAQ and learn why you need conveyor roller monitoring automation technology and how Smart Roller system works if you [...]
Bulk material handling digital technology for key belt conveyor
What does make your belt conveyor digital? Smart-Idler® technology gives you an accurate understanding of the status of your conveyors' [...]
Wireless bearing monitoring
          The 24/7 autonomous wireless bearing monitoring will allow you to detect any anomalies and send data through the gateway [...]
Wireless inclinometer
A wireless Inclinometer for Underground Longwall equipment automation. The Inclinometer represents a significant cost and deployment efficiency for Longwall operators [...]
A wireless vibration monitoring device for your industrial machines
The xBud™ is a wireless vibration monitoring solution. It can be configured to suit your data collection and monitoring requirements. [...]
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