Wireless bearing monitoring

Real time online Vibration Analysis of rotating components

          The 24/7 autonomous wireless bearing monitoring will allow you to detect any anomalies and send data through the gateway to the safety of the control room to alert the maintenance team to the exact location where the action is required.

          The key benefits of Vibration Analysis devices BearingBud™ are quick magnetic installation and early defect detection, allowing maintenance or repair to be scheduled when signs of impending failure are detected and preventing unscheduled conveyor or other industrial equipment downtimes.

General characteristics of wireless bearing monitoring

  • Real-time 24/7 autonomous wireless bearing vibration monitoring of conveyor pulleys and other rotary equipment.
  • Completely wireless design (additional installation savings)
  • Plug & Play installation on rotary equipment (magnetic mounting, easy commissioning)
  • Typically requires 1 Gateway per 6 BearingBud™
  • Low cost, high-performance design
  • Intrinsically safe for Zone 0, Group I (Ex ia I Ma).
  • Consumable/replaceable item (OPEX)
  • Designed to meet IP67 requirements

BearingBud™ in action