A wireless vibration monitoring device
for your industrial machines

The xBud™ is a wireless vibration monitoring solution. It can be configured to suit your data collection and monitoring requirements.

The xBud™ is a highly agnostic wireless data acquisition and vibration monitoring device coupled with a phone app for easy deployment and cloud based software. It allows a great deal of flexibility in its use and capability.

The xBud™ NO CODE web tool helps you to configure your xBud™ nodes to monitor what you want, how you want:
  • Measure and record baseline vibrating and angular conditions
  • Automate anomaly / exception detection
  • Design your own measurement parameters and set thresholds to receive alerts
  • Send the data to external software and control systems

Customise the wireless vibration monitoring application with the xBud™ NO CODE online programmer

Monitor linear or oscillatory excitation.
Synchronise devices on each side to detect any out of sync movement, indicating an issue.
Vibrating Screens diagnostic
Conduct real-time remote vibration analysis of bearings to detect defects emerging in the equipment.
Perfect for low frequency Vibration Analysis such as on conveyor pulleys.
Wireless belt conveyor bearings monitoring
Use as a simple pump cavitation detection system.
Program the device to alert on anomaly or divergence from a standard deviation.
Cavitation detection system

Benefits of Wireless Vibration monitoring by xBud™

Vibration monitoring application
  • High Resolution Motion Data
  • Wireless Vibration monitoring
  • Tilt sensor / Inclinometer
  • Data & Internal clock synchronisation between devices
  • WIFI & Ethernet network interfaces available
  • Send raw data or process at the edge
  • Use one or use 1000 xBud™ nodes
Wireless vibrating screens monitoring
Attach the xBud™ to your equipment with a magnet for quick installation, or just bolt on!
  • Understand the condition of your equipment in real-time
  • Minimise the likelihood of unplanned and costly breakdowns
  • Promotes predictive maintenance practices
  • Create operational data library
  • Can be used safely without impacting production
  • Intrinsically safe for Zone 0, Group I (Ex ia I Ma)
wireless vibration diagnostics

Technical data of wireless monitoring device xBud™

Ambient operating temp -20 +60
Operating power 0.6 2.5 mW
No. devices per gateway 1 1000 ea
Radio range 30 m
Radio frequency 2.402 2.480 GHz
Data rate 32 1200 pkts/min
Ultimate Industrial IoT flexibility to solve your unique monitoring problems!
Acquire gyroscopic or acceleration data for post processing and power operational insights on equipment.
The xBud™ online software platform allows you to customize the devices to suit your specific needs.
Vibration monitoring application
Set parameters of your wireless vibration monitoring device such as:
  • Gyroscope or Acceleration
  • Synchronise devices
  • Sampling rate
  • Communication rate
  • Battery life
Choose your mode of deployment:
  • Raw Data Acquisition Mode
  • Statistics Mode
  • Acceleration Event Anomaly Detection Mode

xBud in action


Longwall Panline angular measurements monitoring

xBud set in Gyroscope mode, has transformed the way Longwall Panline angular measurements are monitored. Its plug-and-play nature, combined with real-time data acquisition, enables optimal shearer performance, improved safety, and increased efficiency in the extraction of coal from underground seams.

xBud™ Software
Industrial machines monitoring
industrial machines diagnostic
vibration diagnostic of industrial machines
real-time condition monitoring
Acceleration event anomaly detection
Anomaly detection of industrial equipment
xBud Cloud architecture
Vibration monitoring system architecture
Настройка мониторинга вибрации