Bulk material handling
digital technology
for key belt conveyors

What does make your belt conveyor digital?

Smart-Idler® technology gives you an accurate understanding of the status of your conveyors’ rollers right from your secure control room, and instantly alerts you to any problem areas. The system generates real operational data from the belt conveyor that connected to the control system making this conveyor really digital. This innovative digital conveyor belt automation technology directly monitors roller bearings and is the first product in the world to actively measure the wear of a conveyor roller housing in real time to predict failure in advance.

Digital conveyor solutions to solve critical productivity and safety issues for physical bulk material handling machines.

Smart-Idler® module is an electronic device that is installed inside the roller during its production that makes those rollers Smart. Module is completely wireless and transmits data via a radio network. Components of the module include a rotor that generates rotational energy for the smart idler, a stator that is shaft-mounted to harvest the rotational energy and also contains the on-board processing capabilities and an antenna cover ensuring the smart roller antenna is not damaged in the field.

The conveyor does not require special wiring. Smart-Idler® is a sub-component of a Roller and integrates seamlessly with your roller manufacture of choice.

Smart roller components
Managing the rollers in your conveyor system is no longer a ‘cost of doing business’

How it works

How smart roller works

The Software
Integration into your operation
conveyor inspection
conveyor monitoring
belt conveyor roller diagnostic
conveyor roller data
conveyor roller bearing temperature
roller vibration analysis
conveyor roller vibration
  • Real-time 24/7 autonomous monitoring of key conveyor rollers condition
  • Predicts and detects conveyor rollers failure modes including bearing failure and shell-wear
  • Completely wireless design requires no special conveyor wiring
  • Quick and easy installation within a conveyor
  • Seamless integration within the conveyor, requires only one gateway per 5,000 Smart Rollers
  • Functional within steel and composite conveyor rollers
  • Consumable/replaceable item (OPEX)
  • Remote firmware download capable (via network) facilitates future upgrades
  • Designed to meet IP67 Requirements
Smart roller system capabilities:
Independent left and right bearing temperature monitoring.
Rotational Count Sensing
Counts rotations to exactly determine mileage.
Easily adapts to various conveyor roller designs with minimal design and assembly process modifications.
Automatic notification on exceeding vibration spectral analysis fault indicators.
Rotational Velocity Sensing
Automatic notification on erratic conveyor roller rotational.
Energy harvesting, powered directly from conveyor roller rotation.
  • Inspect from safety of the control room.
  • Reduce Manual Handling
Reduce Spares/Inventory
  • Use the full life of the idler rollers and save a further 30% – 60%.
Simplified Maintenance
  • Improved operational data and predictive maintenance insight.
  • Optimise preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Change less rollers & use less people.
Prevention of Fires
  • Conveyor Idler failure is the #1 reason for fires.
Benefits of Smart roller

Digital conveyor technology in action

Smart roller in action

Use case evidence

Open Cut Mine Case Study – Shuttle Conveyor Predictive Maintenance

Underground Coal Mine Case Study – Conveyor Reliability


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