Pipe bend monitoring
Slurry pipe bend monitoring case study scope of work:

Monitor 90deg sweeping bend 315mm SDR11 HDPE. Extra layer welded onto the outer bend (30mm) to extend wear life. Total thickness monitored 60mm. 60mm wear probe installed on outer point of the bend. High wear area.

Technical Solution – Wear Monitoring System
Monitored data showing 1mm of wear per 1.5 weeks. Forecast to failure constantly monitoring a failure at 40 x weeks from install. Predictive Maintenance alarm set at 10 x weeks to Failure. Alarm notification report notified the Maintenance Team. Pipe bend replacement ordered and planned into maintenance day schedule. No failure with maximum wear.

The results from this Slurry Pipe Bend Monitoring case study were both safety and cost beneficial:

Safety Results:

  • Eliminated need for inspections
  • Eliminated Personnel exposure to working at heights
  • Eliminate Personnel exposure inside operating plant
  • Eliminate Exposure to temporary patching from failure

Cost Benefit

  • Eliminated inspections monthly over life of pipe.
  • Eliminated temporary patching.
  • Eliminated Scaffold/Access Cost.
  • Eliminated Unplanned Outage due to failure.
  • Streamlined maintenance planning, ordering and fabrication

Cost of Sensor: $960.00
Total Cost Saved over life of pipe: $59,000.00
(NOTE: This is for one pipe with one sensor)
(Cost saving does not include unplanned shutdown of process plant)

Slurry pipe monitoring